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Referral Scheme

Help us to Help You!

Question: Are you happy with the way in which we support you and your company?

If the answer is “YES”, then we can help you to earn some extra Cash.

Here’s How…

Most of our business comes from happy customers singing our praises and recommending us to their friends, family and work colleagues, so, each and every time you recommend Document XL to someone you know, we will send you a “little something” as our way of saying “Thank you”, when they place their first order with Document XL.

It’s So Easy to earn a little extra cash.

Simply complete the Referral Slip below. Then, once they have placed an order with us, we will send you a “Special Thank You”.

You can introduce us to as few or to as many people as you wish. There is no limit to the amounts you can earn. All we ask is that you make sure the person you are introducing us to is expecting our call.

Here’s some examples of just how much you can expect to receive:

  • Each time you introduce someone new to us who places an order for Stationery with Document XL, you will receive £25.00
  • Each time you introduce someone new to us who orders a new Pagepack Printer or Photocopier from Document XL, you will receive £100.00

Please complete the form on the right hand side and press Submit.

Customer Referral Scheme