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Benefits of PagePack

Have you been Brainwashed?

For many, many years now, we have all been brainwashed in to thinking that we must buy our photocopiers and laser printers and then buy replacement inks and other printer consumables for them, as and when they run out.

Over the years, this is how all printer manufacturers have built up their highly lucrative income streams and is the main reason why they make millions of pounds profit each year.

They tend to sell new copiers, printers, plotters and fax machines very cheaply, but they more than make up for this low margin by selling consumables at extortionate prices.

It is a well-known fact that printer ink can be more expensive than Champagne.

Another well-known fact is that the average business these days spends between 3 – 5% of its annual turnover just on printing its documents!

Do you know exactly how much your fleet of printers and copiers is costing your business each year?

The Solution is a Xerox PagePack Service agreement



So, what is PagePack and how can it benefit my company?    

Well, PagePack is an all-inclusive service contract for your desktop printers and photocopiers. With a Xerox PagePack Service agreement, you pay a fixed cost-per-page whatever you print.

It consolidates all your variable printing expenses to give you a single, known cost-per-page.

A Xerox PagePack maintenence agreement helps you understand and manage your printing costs, with free automatic meter reads for accurate billing.

It boosts productivity, with automatice online consumables ordering available 24/7 delivered right to your door. 

Xerox Page Pack Service contracts enable your IT team to focus on more business-critical tasks.

How can PagePack save me money?

Page Pack provides a fixed cost-per-page. In an unmanaged environment, every document printed uses a variable amount of printer ink or toner. You pay a different price for every page printed.

Photocopier repairs are unpredictable and costly. So are the service call out charges. With Page Pack all your variable expenses are consolidated. Customers pay a fixed cost per page that reduces your overall print costs.

How can PagePack improve my productivity?

PagePack also saves on hidden costs, such as staff resources and prevent shortages of consumables, by simplifying ordering and vendor management.

With PagePack there's no need to keep a stock of consumables on hand. Your Xerox photocopier will automatically order the consumables whenever your device requires more.

What does PagePack provide to improve control of my printing?

With our PagePack Smart eSolutions Services Platform you get real-time visibility of your Xerox networked print fleet; MeterAssistant® automates the process of collecting and submitting meter reads for accurate billing, so you pay for what you actually use.

How do I buy PagePack?

PagePack is only available from Page Pack Authorised Resellers, like Document XL.


What is the SAVE tool?

SAVE stands for Self-Assessment Value Estimator, and it is an online tool to help you decide what is the best printing model for you, if a PagePack contract or buying consumables when needed.

Once you decide, if PagePack is the best option you can then contact Document XL for a final quote that matches your requirements

What does PagePack include precisely?

  • All printer consumables (excluding printing media such as paper, labels, etc)
  • Access to the Xerox Welcome and Support Centre for any Service queries
  • On Site Machine support and ongoing maintenance cover
  • All replacement Parts and labour
  • The latest Printer drivers and software support

Who provides these services?

All consumables, supplies and service are provided by Xerox UK, the Manufacturer and if you need actual hands on the repair, you will usually get a Xerox engineer onsite within as little as two working hours (on Xerox Production devices) or on the next business day. All engineers are highly trained and certified by Xerox UK, no matter where you are, whether thats Leeds, Manchester, London or anywhere else in the UK.

How do I arrange a service call?

By calling the Xerox UK Welcome and Support Centre on 0370 900 5501.

Who provides the printer consumables on a PagePack machine?

Supplies are provided directly from Xerox UK, thus ensuring stock availability, quality of service and genuine original goods (not compatibles).

How do I place an order for supplies?

Once your PagePack contract has been registered, you will get your personal log in details to the Xerox Customer Portal, through which you will be able to place your orders online 24/7.

Orders can also be placed over the phone by contacting the Consumable Ordering team.

Once your order has been processed and you have been given the unique reference number, you will receive the supplies straight to your delivery address at no extra cost, typically within 48 hours.

If MeterAssistant is installed on your PagePack machine you will not be required to provide meter reads at the time of placing your orders, therefore we highly recommend MeterAssistant is installed on all your PagePack devices.