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4 ways technology has re-shaped our working environment

16 Jul 2018
4 ways technology has re-shaped our working environment

​1) Increased productivity

Every day, businesses face new challenges, and they rely on software which helps them overcome their difficulties.

With modern software, managers are able to track progress and monitor performance, to ensure the process of meeting deadlines and achieving goals is delivered on time.

Over the years technology has increased productivity and performance of organisations throughout the world. Access to new technology has allowed workers to do things faster and has helped in minimising duplication, inefficiencies and cost.

increased productivity

2) Improved cost management

Every company’s main priority is to increase profitability.

With the latest technology, many businesses are getting stronger through improved cost management.

In a nutshell modern organisations look to increase sales, reduce costs, which then maximises profit and by investing in technology they can achieve more.

Reduce costs

3) Enhanced Security

Businesses demand a high level of security and to achieve this technology plays an important part. Latest technology provide end to end hardware and software data encryption, so only authorised parties are able to retrieve and read data.Two of the features that have given a high level of security to systems at work places are fingerprint and facial recognition.

Companies are adding security software and algorithms so data is protected from suspicious activity and hacking attempts and is accessible to the right people.

better security

4) Better business organisation

 20-30 years ago people and organisations planned their time by jotting things down in a diary, but since technology is controlling the way businesses keep organised.

Project management system is one of the many software’s within a company that help assess, review, build and delegate tasks, fixing the responsibility, efficiency, accountability and deadlines of tasks that are assigned to people. The quality and quantity of work is improved with project management software and to avoid failure it alerts users every time a task gets off track.


Technology overtime

We really can’t seem to function without gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, computers and printers, they’re running our lives these days! Looking back at the dark days we left (not long ago) to where we are today, it is important to understand why technology matters and how it’s evolved.

Comparing today's tech to 1990’s, many but not all, businesses and households had access to the internet, thankfully, as more people found the value of the internet the use of technology began to deliver faster connections around the world.

Printer evolution

technology evolution


Copier and printers have been at the heart of many organisations and in today’s society printers are used by many on a regular basis. When you are looking back to the early days of the machines, you will begin to see that alongside the evolution of gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets and computers, printers have changed massively!

In the early days, these printers were so large that if placed on a desktop, it would break it in half! Not only that, but printing speeds have greatly increased over the years along with the quality of the print and what could be the biggest difference between old printers and new printers: the price tag.


In the 1940s the first photocopier was invented by​ Chester Carlson. He called the brand Xerography, which was initially the process used to create copies with a photocopier. The first ever Xerox machine was later produced when the Xerox Corporation was born. This model was difficult to operate as it took 39 steps to print one copy.

This is why Xerox introduced ConnectKey Technology on printers and copiers, to match todays modern generation. This fantastic innovation by Xerox is a smart workplace assistant which not only scans, faxes, copies or prints, but it has a facility to create electronic documents, translate language and also share documents. ConnectKey does this with cloud connectivity by using a touch like tablet attached to the machine! You are able to print by using the cloud, use apps for tasks and create documents electronically.

As new business challenges come to show the Xerox ConnectKey provides employees with freedom to be more productive as it adapts to the office needs.

Xerox ConnectKey Family


Xerox AltaLink multifunction printers are designed for organisations that print in high volume, need to be secure and require advanced finishing requirements.


  • Designed for midsize to large workgroups
  • Greater productivity from features
  • A variety of A3 colour MFPs to choose from; black/white and colour

Go mobile

Work-from-anywhere features let you print on the road, and connect to cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive®.

Room to grow

One size does not fit all, and that’s the beauty of AltaLink high-volume multifunction printers. Optional features offer flexibility and versatility to meet customers’ needs.

Keep it confidential

AltaLink devices offer the highest confidentiality with high security approach, including McAfee protection and 256-bit hard-drive encryption


Xerox ConnectKey VersaLink A4 and A3 business printers and MFPs allow businesses to be more productive in the work place. They are designed to transform the way we work today, safely and securely.


  • Ideal for small and midsize workgroups
  • Affordable total cost of ownership
  • Freedom to get work done whenever, wherever
  • A range of devices to choose from; black/white and colour

Count on it

The VersaLink A4 and A3 printers have built-in OCR capability which means it can understand and translate your handwriting into a word document (How clever)!

Easy setup

Very easy to set up for those organisations with no tech support or simply don’t want to wait for IT with the “Plug-n-Play” setup feature.


Connect to all your ​VersaLink devices via wire, wireless, or from your mobile device. Access all your cloud services — Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive via the VersaLink tablet-like touchscreen interface.

Are you looking to bring modern technology to your office? We are here to help! Based in the heart of Greater Manchester Rochdale,Document XL supply xerox photocopiers and printers to all business types from small office home office to larger organisations at low and affordable prices! Give us a call today for a quote.


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