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Thank You Redwood Education & Enterprise Centre

11 Jun 2018
Thank You Redwood Education & Enterprise Centre

As many of you will know, our MD, Stephen Dobson loves to support local charities, events, businesses and, where possible, around Rochdale, Greater Manchester, Leeds and North West. He will get involved by making a donation, attending an event or even dressing as a frog (not the prettiest of sights)!!!

Recently he asked if I would attend a mock interview day on Thursday 7th June at Redwood Education & Enterprise Centre (REEC). This would involve interviewing a number of 16-18yr old students who are on an employ-ability course. Reluctantly I agreed because, as many people would think, I have better things to do. Then, Stephen admits he’s over committed, having booked numerous appointments for Xerox Machines around Manchester and wouldn’t be able to attend so then roped my colleague, Jess, in to attending.

Guiltily, I have to confess that the day before the event Jess and I were both grumbling about having to go and how our time would be better spent in work, getting on with far more important things rather than wasting a morning doing mock interviews. 

Thursday 7th June, Jess and I attended REEC where we were given a list of questions we should ask at each interview, along with a profile on each candidate  -  to be honest, we hadn’t even realised they were pupils with mental health issues so this was going to be interesting we thought.

OMG, WOW, AMAZING, WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT AGAIN were a few of the phrases/words that Jess and I expressed upon leaving.

These students gave us a great insight in to their worlds, how they see their lives progressing, what makes them proud, what they’re not so proud of and what they want to do with their lives given the opportunity.  Some of these students had far better computer skills than I could ever have and yet were embarrassed that they couldn’t read so well, some were more artistic than I could ever hope to be and yet they felt like a bird in a cage.

I know I’ve waffled on a bit but the moral of my little story is please, please, when invited to, offer your support to events such as these as they help build these students’ confidence and we can all teach them something new even if it’s just a word!

 Redwood Education & Enterprise Centre Rochdale

Thank You Redwood Education & Enterprise Centre for giving us this amazing opportunity! 


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