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How Xerox Multi-Function Printer will benefit your business

03 Apr 2018
How Xerox Multi-Function Printer will benefit your business

​Back in 1938, Chester Carlson first began to develop the idea of the “Xerographic Process”. Since then, the photocopying technology has evolved, the reliability and ease of use have improved and the cost of both acquiring and running a Xerox Copier or Multi-Function Printer has never been lower.

Xerox Multi-function Photocopiers are claimed to be one of the most important inventions of the 20th Century and since the launch of the first commercial toner based photocopier in 1959. The Xerox 914 copier  established a reputation of providing quality, innovative products and throughout the decades, Xerox has become one of the World’s most recognised and trusted brands.

Following a massive commitment to research & development, Xerox technology has made huge advances and Xerox now offer a full range of A4 and A3 business copiers, desktop printers and multi-function office machines to meet the needs of every business.

Nowadays, your business can buy or lease a new (or fully refurbished) Xerox multi-function printer from Document XL in the confidence that it will be supported for many years to come, directly by Xerox UK on an all inclusive Xerox PagePack service agreement.

Let’s meet some of the Xerox range of A4 copiers, printers and MFDs.

Document XL Small office home office SOHO

For the small office or home office and for companies mainly wanting to print low volumes of A4 documents, Xerox make a superb range of low cost, feature rich multi- function devices which can copy, print, email, scan and fax …all from one combined desktop machine.

These machines can be shared between 5 workers and they offer High Definition print quality, convenience and, more importantly visibility of who is printing what, when and at what cost to the business.

Earlier models included the entry level Xerox Phaser 8560 colour copier-printer, the reliable Xerox ​WorkCentre 6655 Pagepack multi-function machine and the award winning Xerox ColorQube 8900.

Have you seen the award winning range of Xerox A3 copier- printers?

Xerox are award winning

Xerox offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of A4/ A3 Multi–function machines on the market and these help organisations to print high volumes of A4 & A3 documents each month.

Where speed is of the essence, a Xerox Nuvera 314 Press can produce over FIVE pages a SECOND, quickly, reliably and cheaply.

For the busy office, with their own in-house print Room, or for the professional printers, direct mail houses, training companies and schools, colleges and universities, Xerox have designed a range of high volume digital presses, from the Xerox Versant 180 (which produces up to 80 Colour documents a minute).

So What’s New from Xerox?

Largest Product Launch in Xerox history

Well, on the 29th March, Xerox UK launched a comprehensive range of 29 brand new photocopiers, printers and multi-function devices all with their award winning ConnectKey features, which offer personalisation, Cloud connectivity, Mobile Printing and the most secure range of MFDs in the UK.

These machines are split across two main product groups: The Xerox VersaLink and Xerox AltaLink. You can now personalise your Xerox printing devices which come in a variety of speed, capabilities and sizes to match the needs of every business.

The Xerox AltaLink includes 10 Multi-function printers that have been designed for large work groups or for businesses that have higher print volume needs.

The Xerox VersaLink device is mainly designed for smaller work groups, with 19 printers and multi-function devices.

The Xerox VersaLink and Xerox AltaLink include the following advantages to businesses like yours:

  • Design - Both the Xerox VersaLink and Xerox AltaLink devices have built in APPS from the Xerox APP gallery, making work flow more efficient. For example, you can now store client or important record filing or invoices by streamlining into small and faster steps by using the APP enabled on the device.
  • Easy to use – All the 29 products share a similar customisable user interface. The touch screen tablet can be personalised with unique work environments. APPS such as Dropbox, Office 365 and Google-Drive are already on the Xerox AltaLink and Xerox VersaLink device allowing mobile users to print wirelessly from any device.
  • Security – To prevent unauthorised access to your data, via your Smart MFD, the Xerox ConnectKey technology protects you from unauthorised devices, keeping your confidential information safe with the highest level of data encryption possible. The Xerox AltaLink systems also include image overwrite and MacAfee Anti-Virus software as standard. All of which will protect your data and device from any malicious activity.

As long standing partners with Xerox UK, Document XL supplies the full range of Xerox VersaLink and Xerox AltaLink digital copiers, Printers and MFDs to companies and indeed to any business, school or charity throughout the UK.

We pride ourselves on working with clients to establish the most cost effective method for you to buy, rent or lease your new (or refurbished) Xerox business machine and thanks to our nationwide coverage, you can benefit from industry leading products and a full, responsive maintenance service of your Xerox photocopier in Leeds., Manchester or London

If you have a new requirement, or you are experiencing issues with an existing contract, we are more than happy to help you with honest, ethical advice and comprehensive support.

Why not “put us to the test”. It may be the best decision you make all week.


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