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Xerox photocopiers in Manchester

30 Jan 2018
Xerox photocopiers in Manchester

Document XL has been supplying new & used Xerox photocopiers, printers and multi-function machines in Manchester since 2006 and has built up a reputation for providing honest advice, quality service and superb value for money. (Just have a look at all the many positive reviews we have received from happy customers on Facebook, Google+,, etc.)

Some of the services Document XL offer include: Managed Print Solutions, Xerox Pagepack service contracts, office supplies, office furniture and stationery as well as the full range of IT hardware & IT software support.

IT Supplies

As many businesses in Manchester are looking to reduce their print costs and secure the best value for money they often choose the award winning Xerox Managed Print Service option to ensure they get the most from their fleet of office copiers, printers, scanners and fax machines.

No matter what make of photocopier or printer you currently use in your Manchester offices, be it HP, Canon, Toshiba, Xerox, OKI, (or one of over 30 different makes), a Xerox Managed Print Solution from Document XL who are based in Greater Manchester will help you and your business to improve productivity, save money and become more profitable.Save money with Xerox Managed Print

Saving money, reducing costs and increasing efficiency are three of the biggest challenges faced by many successful businesses in Manchester and that’s why we offer the industry leading Xerox Managed Print Solution to help you (and them) to save as many pennies as possible!

Document XL has supplied a variety of new and used copiers and printers to businesses throughout Greater Manchester since 2006 and our team of specialist print consultants would like to discuss with you the many advantages that a managed print solution can offer you and your company.

Here are some of the benefits of a Xerox Managed print services from Document XL

  • Did you know that over 25% of the tickets raised to your IT support desk are to resolve printer issues? By investing in a Xerox Managed Print Service you will reduce these tickets substantially and free up more valuable time for your IT department, who can then focus on other more important aspects of your business.
  • Did you know that a typical company spends around 5% of its annual turnover on designing, printing, copying, distributing and archiving its documents?That’s a lot of money!
  • Did you know that a Xerox Managed Print Solution can reduce your printing costs by around 30%?
  • Did you know a Xerox Managed Print Solution will work with your existing copiers and printers, so you don’t have to buy new machines!
  • With a Xerox Managed Print Service, we can walk in and take over the day to day management of your entire printer fleet, no matter what make or model, freeing up your time, saving you money and reducing the stress levels often associated with buying or renting copiers, printers, scanners and fax machines.
  • We offer a comprehensive print audit, which will identify areas of duplication, waste and help you to regain control of your printing costs.
  • With a Xerox fully Managed Print Solution, your company will use less paper and consumables whilst reducing your carbon foot print in the process. Good for the environment. Good for your business.
  • With GDPR just around the corner, the best thing a Xerox Fully Managed Print Service from Document Xl is that you can engage with our team of print specialists, who will help you to regain control of your printer costs and give you visibility and a detailed understanding of what is being printed, distributed and stored each day, throughout your organisation.

It doesn’t matter if your business currently has a Xerox photocopier or not. You can still speak to one of our print specialists in any of our offices in Manchester, Leeds, London or Rochdale, and we will show you how to save money, safely, securely and efficiently by helping you to manage what gets printed in your company.

 Businesses, schools and charities who are looking for Xerox copiers in Manchester or Xerox business machines in Greater Manchester are aware that we are one of the North's leading suppliers of Xerox photocopiers, printers, plotters and fax machines with a great reputation for value and service.

To find out more about the products we have to offer and to learn more about the Xerox Managed print solution from Document XL, or if you have a new requirement and are experiencing issues with an existing photocopier supplier, we are more than happy to put you on the right track with our professional advice and support.

​Our services are available across the UK and we have a well-established presence throughout the UK, including LeedsLondon, and Greater Manchester

Call us now on 08456 448 600.It might be the best call you make all day!


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