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Who are Xerox?

23 Jan 2018
Who are Xerox?

Xerox is the brand name for a photocopying machine which copies or prints documents but, did you know that the word “Xerox” is actually thousands of years old, as its origins can be found in ancient Greek?

The word “Xero” means “Dry” and the word “Graphy” means “Write”.

Therefore, when ​Chester Carlson  invented the world’s first photocopier which used dry, granular ink (toner) rather than the extremely messy liquid ink process of duplicating machines of the era, he decided to call this process “Xerography”.

chester carlson xerography

The very first commercially successful plain paper photocopier was introduced on 16th September 1959. This machine was called the Xerox 914and it offered businesses a quick, clean, reliable and economical way to photocopy documents

Since then, experts have predicted the “paperless office” (photocopiers will gradually become obsolete as businesses turn more to emails and other digital ways to create, distribute and archive documents) however, from a personal point of view, I am delighted to see that the copier industry has developed the whole photocopier process over the years, going from using slow, low print quality analogue copiers to faster,  high definition digital printing machines and over the decades, Xerox Business Machines still continue to revolutionise the way in which we all communicate with each other.

The very latest range of Xerox VersaLink and Xerox AltaLink digital A4 & A3 multi-function machines can now be used as scanners, printers, copiers and fax machines.

Prices on Xerox printers start from as little as £329.00 for a small Xerox VersaLink B400 entry level A4 desktop printer. 


The more popular Xerox office machines include the new Xerox AltaLink C8030, which enables businesses to print stunning quality colour documents for only 3p a page, including all printer inks and other copier consumables (on a Xerox Pagepack all inclusive service agreement)

Another popular Xerox colour photocopier is the award winning Xerox C60i which is loved by graphic designers, marketing companies and professional printers alike as it produces high definition colour documents, reliably and much cheaper than an Inkjet printer.

For high volume users (such as print rooms or copy shops) the Xerox Nuvera 314 can produce a staggering 314 Mono copies a minute. That’s over 5 pages a second!

The serious print producers who want to create the highest quality colour documents, quickly, reliably and at the lowest unit cost, the Xerox Versant 3100i is the best on the market.

From our office in Rochdale we supply photocopiers and copiers in Manchester, Leeds and around the North West! ​ Our team of print Consultants have been working with Xerox since 1993 and understand the photocopying marketplace


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