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Are ink cartridges costing you more than what your business machine is worth?

30 Oct 2017
Are ink cartridges costing you more than what your business machine is worth?

​Are you spending more on your ink cartridges than what your office photocopier/ business machine cost? I'm afraid you're not the only one!

Fact; Did you know, copier toners are more expensive than the petrol you put in your car, printer and photocopier ink cartridges cost more than Chanel no. 5 perfume!

We supply new and refurbished business machines that include, photocopiers, printers, scanners & plotters from over 20 leading manufacturers, including Xerox, Toshiba, OKI, Kyocera etc. and there is one thing they all have in common. They all want you to buy a small, cheap desktop copier or printer, rather than a more expensive A4 multi-function copier-printer-scanner.

A lot of people question, why would a business machine supplier want you to buy a small desktop printer (starting from as little as £30.00) when they make more substantial A4/ A3 photocopiers (starting around £1,300.00) the answer to this is maximising profits.

The 21st century business model is to sell consumers all-in-one printers on the cheap and then force us to come back time and time again to buy over-priced toners, consumables and extended warranties.

Every manufacturer of business machines are laughing all the way to their off shore banks, as they know they have successfully brainwashed us ALL in to spending ludicrous amounts on replacement printer ink cartridges which the consumer, shocking value for money.

Many IT managers and photocopier buyers have discovered to their horror that replacement printer inks are so expensive these days that they actually cost more (drop for drop) than fine champagne, vintage port or the finest French perfumes a typical small business running a small ​A4 desktop Inkjet printer can easily spend hundreds of pounds a year on printer ink alone.

For years, consumers have been ripped off and continue to be ripped off each time they print a page on our SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) personal copier or printer. Here are some examples:

Rip off number 1: The WORST things in life are free!

At a recent business convention in America, the CEO of Hewlett Packard (HP) told all its distributors that he wanted them all to give away brand new HP inkjet printers, free of charge, as they would all make more money in the long run by the ongoing sale and supply of the replacement printer consumables!

Rip Off Number 2: Buy Cheap, Buy Twice!

I saw with horror this week, that a leading supermarket was advertising a brand new HP all-in-one inkjet A4 SOHO copier printer scanner for less than £30.00 including VAT!

To some, that might seem a fantastic bargain, but what you may not appreciate is that the replacement ink cartridges for this printer cost at least £40.00 and so within a few weeks you,the consumer will have spent more than double the original cost of the new HP printer on replacement inks alone.

In today’s modern world where we are scammed, conned and miss- sold to virtually every day, surely this Great British printer ink rip-off is one of the most appalling.

For example, a typical HP ink cartridge costing around £13.00 can contain 4ml of ink, the equivalent of more than £3,000.00 a litre. In contrast, you can buy unleaded petrol for only £1.20 a litre!

These days, the cost of printer ink is truly exorbitant.

Rip off number 3: Do you want to go large with that?

If you want more evidence of how greedy the big business machine, printer manufacturers have become, look at the phenomenon of high capacity toner cartridges (or XL refills).

High capacity toner cartridges are yet another clever marketing gimmick as they allow manufacturers to put more ink in standard sized cartridges.HP makes the HP 300 black cartridge with 5ml of ink for £13, and the high capacity version with 16ml for around £25.

It’s a brilliant and highly profitable marketing scam. First we are persuaded to buy ‘standard’ ink cartridges that are half full and then to pay £10 more for 10ml more of ink in those cartridges, even though the additional cost to the manufacturers is pennies.

Rip off number 4: Get less for more

If you think that you are going through ink cartridges more quickly than ever, you are probably right. For years, copier manufacturers have actually reduced the amount of ink inside their printer cartridges.

In 2004, HP’s best-selling cartridge the HP45 had 42ml of ink and cost £20. It could print, according to HP’s website 930* pages.

Today, the same company’s best selling HP300 has just 5ml and sells for £13. It manages only 200* pages. You don’t need to be a mathematical genius (like Rachel Riley) to work out that doesn’t represent great value for money.

Rip off number 5: Beware of the 5% rule

Just how do they know how many pages my ink cartridge will give me?

Well, the answer is that ALL printer suppliers have to say on the packaging how many pages each ink cartridge will produce. This is called the “Yield”. The “Yield” is based on a standard letter, called the “Slerexe” Letter which has exactly 5% ink content.

Therefore, if all the business machine manufacturers base their calculations on the same letter, then the consumer can see which multi-function copier gives the highest “Yield” and therefore offers the best value for money.

However, the vast majority of documents produced have much more than 5% content, and this is where you are duped in to spending more money. Using the above example, the HP300 inks are meant to produce 200 pages (@ 5% coverage). Such a page would therefore cost 6.50 pence in ink.

But what if your document has more words, more pictures, more content?

Then, a document with 10% content would cost you 13p to print.

A document with 20% content would cost you 26p.

Scarily, a single page with only 40% content would cost you 52p to produce and so on.

learn more about the 5% Rule

Here’s how to Protect you & your company & save a fortune on your replacement printer Inks in the process.

The solution is pagepack.

Pagepack is one of the UK’s best kept secrets and can save your business a fortune. A pagepack service agreement offers you an all-inclusive service agreement which includes ALL your replacement printer inks and on-site warranty for up to five years.

Here’s what’s included in a pagepack agreement:

  • ​Fixed Cost per Page (Irrespective of Toner Content)
  • ALL Replacement Ink Cartridges
  • On Site Warranty
  • Call Out Charges for Service Engineer
  • Replacement Parts fitted by Service Engineer
  • Delivery, Installation & Training of new Printer
  • Extended Payment Terms & Finance Options
  • Future Trade in Value against New machine

We are one of the north of England’s leading suppliers of Xerox copiers, office printers and business machines and our team of knowledgeable print consultants can help you to decide whether a Xerox managed print solution built around a pagepack Service agreement is best for your organisation.

Xerox photocopiers in Leeds or Xerox desktop printers in Manchester know that they can get all of the latest equipment and an all Inclusive Xerox pagepack service agreement from us, safely and cost effectively.

Whether it's a desktop printer, or an A3 multifunction colour copier, printer scanner, (like the award winning Xerox AltaLink C8030), our customers will receive the very best after sales service direct from the manufacturer which has designed, built, tested and developed some of the world’s best technology.

Our ​Xerox engineers only service Xerox business machines. They are trained by Xerox UK and only use genuine Xerox parts and consumables. Our service engineers are on hand so if you do have any issues in the wider Leeds or Manchester areas, we can have you back up and running quickly.

Xerox business machines can be purchased outright or supplied on a lease rental agreement.

If you’re looking to buy or rent a new photocopier or printer, or you are experiencing issues with an existing service contract we are more than happy to provide advice and support.

We supply office copiers in Manchester and have a well-established presence across the north of England including Leeds and Rochdale. we can supply new photocopiers as well as provide a full, responsive ongoing Copier maintenance & service.

Why not “put us to the test”. It may be the best decision you make all week.


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