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Photocopier or multifunction printer? Which is best for your office?

07 Sep 2017
Photocopier or multifunction printer? Which is best for your office?

When next looking to update their copiers and printers, many IT managers struggle to choose between a simple photocopier or a multifunction printer (MFP). They often ask questions like:

Photocopier problems

  • Do I buy a new copier or should I lease a second hand, fully refurbished multifunction copier- printer- scanner instead?
  • Do I hire a colour photocopier or rent a black & white copier instead?
  • Do I buy an A3 multifunction printer which can print, copy and scan A3 documents?
  • Do I buy a cheap, disposable desktop printer (and then spend a fortune on buying replacement toners, consumables and printer inks), or do I rent a business multifunction printer which includes all the replacement inks, printer repairs and warranties in an all Inclusive page pack service agreement?
  • Should I introduce a fully managed print solution in my business?
  • Which type of printer do I buy? Laser printers? (Like the Toshiba e-Studio 2500AC), LED printers? (Like the OKI ES5473), Inkjet Printers? (Like the HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 all-in-one printer), solid ink printers? (Like the Xerox 8880DN ColorQube Duplex Printer).

How on earth do copier buyers differentiate between all the various printer options, to ensure they buy the right multifunction printer that’s best for their organisation?

Understandably, the whole process of buying or leasing a new or refurbished photocopier, which will meet their company's needs, can be extremely stressful and very time consuming.

thinking of which photocopier to purchase

This is where we can help, as we supply new and used photocopiers and printers to companies, schools & charities in Leeds, Manchester, London and indeed anywhere in the UK.

Here are a few tips to help you when you are next looking to buy next time you look to buy a new multifunction printer for your company.

Should you buy or lease a photocopier?

printer copier rental

There are a number of advantages to choosing a traditional “Standalone” photocopier.

A “Standalone” photocopier can often produce better print quality to that of an office multifunction printer. The more expensive the copier, the better the print quality, as copiers like the Xerox 8900 ColourQubeA4 colour copier produces extremely high definition copies, which makes this machine a huge hit with organisations like estate agents, graphic designers, schools, etc.

“Standalone” copiers do not need to be connected to your computer network or PC, which means that you do not have to wait for your IT department to load all the print drivers or to set up scanning folders, you simply plug the photocopier in, switch it on and use it without any problems around access rights, network security or pin numbers.

Digital photocopiers are also generally more reliable than multifunction printers. They are less complicated and easier to use. We often discuss with our customers about contingency planning, so if a desktop printer is either busy or out of use, how would our customers then be able to copy, print or scan their important documents if “all their eggs were in the same basket?”

Another benefit of a copier over a multifunction printer is that they offer additional features not generally provided by a desktop printer, such as faxing, hole punching and stapling.

Should you buy or lease a multifunction printer?

Office Space, these days is at a premium and so, by combining your fax machine, photocopier, printer and scanner in to one compact unit makes a lot of sense and is extremely cost effective.

From an environmental point of view, buying a multifunction printer can be a much greener option, as one MFP uses far less electricity than having a separate copier, printer, scanner and fax machine.

Then there are savings to be secured through fewer machines requiring PAT tests. Also, having a multifunction printer makes life less complicated for an IT Manager as he has fewer service agreements to manage and fewer service calls to place.

But the biggest benefit to be had by buying or renting a multifunction printer is that you don’t have to buy any more replacement printer inks, drums, fusers, or other printer consumables, as these are included free of charge in an all-inclusive service agreement, like the Xerox page pack agreement (which even includes all call out charges and any replacement parts fitted by a Xerox trained engineer.)

Multifunction machines for businesses start from as little as £139.00 for a brand new Xerox WorkCentre 3225 colour printer- copier- scanner. A typical A3 multifunction printer would cost around £2,000 (like a Xerox VersaLink C7020) and, for the professional printers a Xerox Versant 180 starts around £20,000 going right up to the Xerox I-Gen 5 production press which can cost as much as £450,000.

No one said buying or leasing a new copier or printer for your office is straight forward.

Far from it.

You need to weigh up a variety of features and then identify exactly what your office needs from a multifunction printer, such as: How many people will be using it, how often will they need to use it, how much space I have available in my office, and what is my budget?.

These are just some of the factors which need to be taken into account and our print consultants are here to listen to you, to understand your business needs and to recommend the very best office copier or multifunction printer which meets your needs, your budget and which will exceed your expectations for many years to come.

So, if you want honest, open advice from a trusted supplier on which office copier or multifunction printer offers best value for money for you and your organisation, then you know who to call Document XL: on 08456 448 600.


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