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Beware of the wolf!

14 Aug 2017
Beware of the wolf!

Beware of the Wolf!

Virtually every day, we hear in the press that company A has been “hacked” and an employee from company B has left a laptop on a train, which contains thousands of records about you or me.

It’s almost an everyday occurrence and we all think “I would never be so stupid to let this happen to my Data”

Well, you might think that your records, files, documents, photos are all perfectly safe & secure, until you watch this HP Video, called “The Wolf” starring Christian Slater

We have been supplying HP and Xerox Photocopiers and Printers with Built in Malware Protection to customers in Leeds, Manchester and throughout the UK, for over ten years.

We can help keep the wolves from your door, as both HP & Xerox have market leading data security software, such as McAfee anti-virus software included on their brand new range of XeroxAltaLink and VersaLink A4 and A3 multi-function printers.

You can also introduce a secure fully managed print service, where we can “walk in & take over” the day to day running of your entire fleet of copiers, printers and MFDs, so you can monitor who prints what and when, by introducing a range of simple user authentication options, from simple pin numbers, to identity swipe cards through to some extremely secure biometrics solutions.

When you last upgraded your old multi-function device, did you ensure the data stored on the hard drive was erased? Thought not! Just think of all that data, sitting on your old hard drive which a wolf would really enjoy getting his teeth in to as he can easily download and every document you ever printed on a photocopier or printer and can view, copy and distribute it all, without you ever knowing!

Again, each new Xerox AltaLink or VersaLink Pagepack copier, printer or multi-function machine we supply to our customers, comes with an automatic image overwrite system, to protect all your data, so, when “The big, bad Wolf comes knocking on your door, he may huff and puff, but he will never get in”

Everyone at Document XL takes data security extremely seriously and our account managers can advise you on various simple, but effective ways to protect you from the ever growing Pack out there.

Please don’t have nightmares after watching this video, but if it does give you some sleepless nights, then give one of our account managers a call, as they can keep you safe.

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