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11th Year Anniversary

03 Mar 2017
11th Year Anniversary

3rd March marks Document Xl's 11th year anniversary. We wouldn't be where we are without you! Our employee's decided to share a few fun facts about them to let you know a little more about the team personally!


  • ​Fun Fact- Some Audi vehicles have a small sun visor that flips down and sits either side of the rear view mirror thus preventing the sun coming through that awkward spot and blinding you!!
  • How long you have worked at Document XL- 7 Years
  • Embarrassing story - Thought it would be fun to slide down the office stairs on catalogues until I fell off the catalogue and hurt one’s bottom of the stairs!
  • Your biggest success - Honestly, surviving 17 years of marriage, going through thick and thin, being in a good place and still loving my husband as much as I always have.
  • What you enjoy the most about the company- The staff are the best work family that you could have. I confide in them, have fun with them, work brilliantly together and love them nearly as much as my real family!!


  • Fun Fact - I loved winding everyone up. We have a lot of fun around at work and we all try to pull each other’s leg. Last year, on April 1st, I convinced them my wife and I were expecting another child. We were discussing names, where to buy all the baby stuff (as our youngest child is 25 and we no longer have all the gear). They were all disappointed when I came clean, but my wife was annoyed with me!
  • How long you have worked at Document XL- Set up the company from scratch on 3rd March 2006, with no customers, just a vision and the determination to exceed customers’ expectations.
  • Embarrassing story - I remember years ago, in the first few months of trading, we decided to deliver a small new Xerox printer to a customer in Leeds. How difficult could it be?? Well, we soon discovered that they were on the fourth floor of a Business Centre and the lift was out of action. Stupidly, we decided to carry it upstairs ourselves. I went backwards and as we reached the top of the stairs on the fourth floor, I tripped and dropped my side of the copier. You can guess the rest!   Huge Crash! Some Blue language from my colleague, Broken glass everywhere. Nightmare. Unfortunately, even though Xerox machines are really well built, they don’t bounce very well and we have to carry the smashed machine back down again and order a new replacement machine for our customer. This time, however, we got the professionals to deliver the new machine.
  • Lesson learnt - If a job’s worth doing, get the professionals to do it, as it will be cheaper in the long run.
  • Your biggest success - In 2016, we donated over £12,000 to numerous UK Charities, as part of my personal goal to raise £1,000,000 via our unique Charity-Wrap initiative.
  • What you enjoy the most about the company - After 11 years, I still love coming in to work. I really enjoy my job and love helping colleagues to develop their skills and to grow in to some of the most genuine, caring people I have ever met. If my colleagues are happy in their job, then they will look after our customers and I’m delighted to see that for everyone working for Document XL ,work is not just a job, it more of a hobby. We have a really close family orientated spirit here and I find that truly rewarding.


  • ​Fun Fact - I eat everything with ketchup! My love for Ketchup is so strong my mum actually bought me a small bottle to carry in my handbag for when we went out for family meals (if there’s no ketchup I refuse to eat!)
  • How long you have worked at Document XL- I have been part of the Document XL team for a year now!
  • Embarrassing story-At the time my aunty was practicing to become a qualified hairdresser and needed someone to do hair colour on. So me being the good Samaritan volunteered. Long story cut short I went to school the next morning in tears with my hair 50 shades of orange!
  • Your biggest success - Being able to achieve goals independently, without relying on others! Be your own motivation
  • What you enjoy the most about the company - Work is like my second home. They say you should love the job you work in because you spend more than 7hrs a day there! For me everyone I work with is my second family. I love them with all my heart. I even have two work mum’s!


  • ​Fun Fact – Every morning I do the “boogie woogie” to make my daughter smile when she first wakes up. It involves a bit of booty shaking and lots of looking like an idiot
  • How long you have worked at Document XL – I've worked for Document XL 6 years in August, 13 years in the industry this May!
  • Embarrassing story – I once went to the shop with my adorable baby’s poo on my forehead *Cringe*
  • Your biggest success – Me! My ambition and drive has made me everything I am today...... Always remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish!
  • What you enjoy the most about the company – I have the opportunity to be anything I want to be!


  • ​Fun Fact - Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour. Every burnt calorie helps.
  • How long you have worked at Document XL – 2 years and 4 months
  • Embarrassing story - During a presentation, the laptop power cord needed to be plugged in. As I bent over in front of a room full of people, my pants ripped from the butt all the way down to my crotch. That was definitely an ice breaker
  • Your biggest success – Making the department I run profitable, due to managing projects properly and advising existing and new customers honestly and truthfully.
  • What you enjoy the most about the companyMy colleagues are like family, such a great group of people and a great boss.


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