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What Are The Advantages Of The Xerox Managed Print Service (MPS)

16 Jan 2017
What Are The Advantages Of The Xerox Managed Print Service (MPS)

​What are the advantages of the Xerox Managed Print Service (MPS)?

You may be asking what exactly is a managed print service (MPS). A managed print contract can cover anything from one copier or printer to hundreds to even thousands.

This contract includes the supply of all printer consumables (Toners, Drums, Fusers, etc) as well as a full on-site warranty (which will include all engineer calls, replacement parts fitted by the engineer, etc). 

You pay for all these consumables and services in one, pre-determined Cost per Copy.

What to look out for..

It is important to do your research before entering a MPS agreement as if you mainly produce A4 documents with little coverage, then an MPS agreement may not be right for you. However, this will not stop unscrupulous salespeople trying to commit you to producing a minimum number of copies each month, this is as the more copiers you guarantee to print, the more commission the salesman makes.

Salespeople can try and push you to buy finance agreements that include the capital costs of the hardware and copy charges. These contracts are often referred to as Total Volume Plans or Print Plans, these can benefit companies but are often abused by salespeople to boost their commission.

Advantages of a Managed Print Service

There are many advantages of a managed print service (MPS) here are a few.

Saves time and money

Due to everything being in one agreement this simplifies the day to day management of printing & copying operations, and with most organisations having a fleet of photocopiers & printers from a wide range of manufacturers having one managed print contract will allow printer companies to easily “walk in and take over” the entire fleet. Meaning that they receive one quarterly invoice for copy charges rather than lots of small invoices and having to phone round lots of Stationery Suppliers to find the lowest price.

A centralised Business machine can help companies reduce overlooked costs such as electricity, PAT testing by re-directing print volumes away from domestic printers with separate contract agreements and expiration dates.

A managed print service (MPS) means reduced workloads for IT as currently one in four tickets raised to an IT support team are printer related, this is a lot of time and resources on fixing copiers, imagine how much more productive your IT Team could be by focussing on more business critical projects.

Improved Control

How much did your business spend last year on printing, distributing and storing all your documents? 96% of organisations wouldn’t have a clue! The remaining 4% know exactly how much they currently spend, because they have invested in a Managed Print Solution. If you don’t know how much you are currently spending, how do you know where to make savings?

A managed Print solution allows you to know exactly what your colleagues are printing and copying each day, allowing you to know what is being printed at your expense, and take action if required.

This can promote environmental benefits and create less waste as there will be less unused printer consumables.

Why choose Document XL?

As you can see, a Fully Managed Print Service with a Reputable Supplier such as ​Document XL and Xerox UK can really benefit you and your company.

To learn more about the benefits of a Fully Managed Print Service, the please click the link.

Customers searching for value for money, competitive funding with an ethical, responsible lender which offers ongoing support as and when they need it should choose Document XL and Xerox Finance as we can deliver all of these important factors with confidence.

We have the experience needed to support your organisation whether you’re located in Huddersfield, Chesterfield, Sheffield or Greenfield, we can support your company anywhere in the UK, across Europe and indeed throughout the world.

To see how we can help you and your business, then give us a call on 08456 448 600 or contact us here.


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