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How To Save Money & Give To Charity With Charity Wrap

07 Jan 2017
How To Save Money & Give To Charity With Charity Wrap

According to Nielsen,

I was brought up to be as charitable as possible and to help those less fortunate whenever and wherever I could.

When my mother was nearing the end of her life, after having battled with cancer for many years, she was admitted to the local “Pay it Forward” and I set myself a personal challenge to generate £1,000,000 for UK Charities.

At the time, this target seemed very achievable yet, as those actively involved in Fundraising will appreciate, trying to persuade anyone or any business to part with their hard earned cash is much easier said than done!

So, after researching the best corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, I quickly realised that I wanted my program to raise money as possible, without the customer having to do anything more than going about their normal working day and so Charity-Wrap was born.

How can I save money with CharityWrap?

Let me explain….They say that the simple things are usually the best and Charity-Wrap is very straightforward – every time a participating company prints a colour page, a penny of that copy-charge goes to their nominated charity. The more colour pages are produced, the more monies the charity receives.

The process begins with a free 30 – 90 day print health check using our industry-leading Managed Print Service MPS experience and advanced analytics from Xerox® and NewField IT®.

Our Print Audit reports show exactly how many pages a company produces a day, a week, a month, etc and we help improve the customer’s understanding of exactly how much they are spending on producing, distributing, storing, and disposing of their documents.

We also include a thorough review of an organisation’s current lease costs, as well as identifying their current expenditure on inks, repairs, warranties and other stationery overheads.

In this way, we can show the customer where money may be saved and we don’t charge for this. We’ve often found that clients are happy to give some (if not all) of these initial savings to a charity, which creates an immediate win for the Charity as a direct result of our assessment.”

A win for the charity

Charity-Wrap gives a non for profit organisation a Unique and Innovative way secure regular, incremental income when speaking to businesses about funding options.

It’s the snowball effect. If you get one little desktop printer that produces 100 colour pages a week, it’s only going to generate a modest £52 in additional revenue each year. However, when you encourage larger companies to invest in the Charity-Wrap printers, they tend to print more colour pages and so the income generated each year will be significantly higher. The more machines charities have out there, the more recurring income they will generate.

Stage 3: A win for Document XL

It’s easy to operate because every quarter, our accountant invoices each participating customer for the copies produced on their Charity-Wrap printer so that they can track the amounts raised, she then tallies the charity portion and pays the appropriate charity.

Making it part of a typical working day

The Charity-Wrap initiative leaves everyone with good feelings and Charity-Wrap story in their own marketing activities through blogging and social media to promote their efforts in supporting their favourite charity.

Charity-Wrap printers have benefits beyond fundraising too. For example, we use the award winning Xerox ColorQube printers ourselves as they are very environmentally friendly.

Using the unique range of Xerox ColorQube printers makes it easier to satisfy CSR managers, because they can support a non-profit, save money on their own print costs and substantially reduce their carbon footprint.

People buy from people they like AND trust

Charity-Wrap differentiates Document XL from our competitors.

The Office equipment market is a highly competitive one and is full of unscrupulous “Hit and Run” salespeople, with few morals, who prey on naïve, trusting buyers, as they seek to maximise their own personal commissions without giving any thought to the wellbeing of their customers.

As a leading Xerox Business Partner, having been helping businesses to reduce their print costs since 2006, Document XL is different. We thrive on receiving lots of positive feedback from our happy, satisfied customers and we take great pride from our many long standing partnerships with our valued customers. Everyone here is dedicated to helping to generate £1m for UK Charities.

Our Company ethos is “People buy from People they Like AND Trust” and it comes as no surprise that most of our new business is generated through Personal introductions and “word of mouth” Recommendations.

Already part of a multi year Office copier contract?

We’ve had numerous meetings with various businesses that love the idea of Charity-Wrap but already have a number of copier or printers on contract with some time to run before they can be changed out.

I look at this as a nurturing opportunity, because when this happens, we remain in contact with the company so that we can build a pipeline of prospects for the future. That’s how Document XL wins in the long run.

If you are interested in finding out more about our unique Charity-Wrap fund raising initiative, the innovative print and copy CSR program that we think can change the world, one colour page at a time, please visit Charity-Wrap here!

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