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How Xerox Finance Can Save You Money On Office Copying & Printing

12 Dec 2016
How Xerox Finance Can Save You Money On Office Copying & Printing

How Xerox Finance can save you money

Far too often, customers agree to rent or lease a photocopier or printer for their business and they naively sign all the forms the Salesman hands to them, without giving them a second thought.

Most copier salesmen thrive on doing business with people who do not understand what they are signing for or what the implications may be by signing the wrong type of rental agreement.

The internet is swamped with many, many examples of unscrupulous Photocopier scams and shocking stories where people have blindly entered in to some despicable finance agreements, in many cases resulting in them losing their job or worse still, the company going out of business.

One such example was when we dealt with a school in Oldham, Greater Manchester, where the then Business Manager had leased two Sharp colour copiers and rued the day as they had nothing but problems with them. The machines were out of action more than they were working. The staff joked each time the “Waiting for Service” sign was placed on top of a printer.

The Governors became aware of the poor state of affairs but unfortunately for the school, when they complained to the Leasing company that the machines were simply not fit for purpose, they were told that the reliability of the copiers was of no concern to the leasing company, as they were purely providing the Finance and any complaints regarding the poor service must be directed back to the original supplier who were providing the maintenance. The old saying of “Going round in circles” springs to mind here.

How does Xerox Finance differ?

When buying a copier or printer for your office, whether it be a new Xerox desktop Phaser 4622 or an award winning Xerox Workcentre 7830 or one of the superb ColorQube 8900 multi-function machines, we would always urge you to you finance the new equipment through Xerox Finance as then everything is one company, everything is “Under one Roof” and if things do go wrong, or if you’re not happy with something, you only have “One Backside to Kick!”

There are many more benefits of financing your new Office Equipment with Xerox Finance. Here are just a few:


With Xerox being an ethical company, Xerox Finance offer ethical terms & conditions covered by the consumer credit act. This means no nasty surprises hidden in your Xerox Finance rental agreement when looking to rent an office printer or office copier.

The Xerox code of conduct ensures that salespeople do not charge over the RRP for a new office printer. Document XL and Xerox finance are both monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Ombudsman Service, therefore if you are unhappy these authorities will do their utmost to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Great for Start-up companies & company credit!

Xerox don’t insist on a business having 3 years profitable trading to start, this is due to Xerox Finance being keen to support new businesses during their development. Offering up to £5,000 credit so they can invest in the equipment they need, this can be repaid over a 3 year period – a great way for start-ups to boost their credit score! We have some great start-up support now available for businesses looking to invest in office photocopiers Manchester and in Leeds.

Offers both flexibility & certainty

Whilst most lending is provided subject to status and after having completed credit searches, Xerox Finance offer a business both Flexibility and Certainty. Flexibility in the amounts of money you wish to borrow, Flexibility in the way in which you want to repay the monies borrowed (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc) and Certainty in the knowledge that Xerox Finance will usually lend any business from £500.00 + vat, even if you’re a brand new company with little or no trading history.

Customers searching for value for money, competitive funding with an ethical, responsible lender which offers ongoing support as and when they need it should choose Document XL and Xerox Finance as we can deliver all of these important factors with confidence. We have the experience needed to support your organisation whether you’re located in Harrow or Harrogate, Bury or Dewsbury, we can support your company anywhere in the UK, across Europe and indeed throughout the world.

To see how we can help you and your business, then give us a call on 08456 448 600 or contact us


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