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Photocopiers In Leeds Technical College

30 Nov 2016
Photocopiers In Leeds Technical College

In Summer 2016, we were invited to Tender for the supply of new photocopier- printers for a brand new Technical College in Hunslet, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

As you would expect, competition was extremely fierce and we had to prove why we had recommended Xerox Business machines above those from other office equipment manufacturers.


There are currently over twenty University Technical Colleges throughout the UK and more are due to open in the near future. No matter where you live, you will find a UTC nearby, as they’re located as far afield as London, Burnley, Hull, Liverpool, Crewe to Newcastle upon Tyne.

The UTC Colleges are dedicated to providing teenagers from fourteen years old with in depth training in subjects such as Science and Technology along with many of the more traditional subjects.

The brand new University Technical College in Leeds is a result of a multi-million pound refurbishment, which has regenerated an old, disused building in to the State of the Art learning facility where youngster can learn about Robotics, Design, Engineering, Computing, Biometrics and so much more.

Scope of their requirements:

We were invited to supply the new College with Multi-Function High Volume Office Copier- printer-scanners, but not only that, these machines had to work with the very latest versions of PaperCut print management software and also a fully integrated Biometric authentication print solution.

So what, I hear you ask, is a Biometric Print Solution?


Well, basically, it is the Future!

Biometrics refers to specific human characteristics. Biometrics authentication is becoming increasingly more utilised in the world of I.T. as it is an extremely accurate, secure, reliable way of identifying someone.

Biometric features are the distinctive, measurable physiological characteristics used to label and describe individuals. They include areas such as fingerprint and face recognition, palm prints and hand geometry, iris recognition and retina scanning, as well as DNA and even our own scent or odour.

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