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Xerox PagePack can save you money on office printing!

14 Nov 2016
Xerox PagePack can save you money on office printing!

How Xerox’s PagePack service can save your business money

When you next look to buy or rent a new Business Photocopier or Printer, it’s most likely that this machine will be supplied on an All Inclusive Fixed Cost Per Page Service Agreement.

This means that you will be able to print a colour document for a fixed cost of around 5 pence and you never have to buy another toner cartridge ever again, as all the printer consumables are included in this fixed cost per page.

“Much Better Value for Money” I hear you say, as printer consumables are bery expensive.

HOWEVER….. What your Lovely, Kind, Charming Photocopier salesman will not tell you is that this fixed charge is only for documents up to A4 Portrait.

If you want to produce A4R (Landscape), A3 or even SRA3, then they will usually DOUBLE this Fixed Cost per Page and you end up being charged around 10 pence for these type of documents!

We think this is a bit naughty and so on ALL of our Xerox Copiers, Printers and Multi Function Business machines, you pay the same low fixed cost per page, no matter what type of documents your company produces.

This is why, for many organisations, we can reduce their Print costs dramatically, just by swapping their machine to something like a new Xerox Phaser 7800 colour printer or a new Xerox Workcentre 7225 machine.

Another Hidden Cost your current photocopier salesman will not tell you is:

The True cost of Stapling your Documents.

Does your current business Copier- printer collate and staple your documents for you, automatically?

Does it fold these printed documents, to make Booklets for you?

If you’ve answered YES to either or Both of these questions, then I bet you have to buy all the replacement Staple cartridges too. These usually cost around £100 + vat per box!

Here again, we think this is also a bit naughty and so on ALL of our Xerox Copiers, Printers and Multi-Function Xerox Business machines, replacement Staples are included Free of Charge within the same low fixed cost per page, saving many organisations ££££ a year

So, if you don’t like being “Misled” by Salespeople and if you want honest, open advice on which Office Copier or Printer offers best value for money for your company, then you know who to call:

Document XL on 08456 448 600.

If you demand True value for money, ongoing reliability, and stunning high definition print quality, with no hidden costs due to the Xerox PagePack agreement then we can deliver all of these important factors with confidence, as both Document XL and the Xerox have the experience needed to support your organisation whether you’re located in Leeds, Manchester and London, we can support your company anywhere throughout the UK, across Europe and indeed throughout the world.

To see how we can help you and your business, then please contact us here!


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