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Are Xerox The Most advanced brand of Office Photocopiers & Office Printers?

20 Oct 2016
Are Xerox The Most advanced brand of Office Photocopiers & Office Printers?

Xerox –  Pioneering brand of Office Photocopiers & Office Printers

​Xerox are the pioneers in the printing industry, meaning they have the most experience and understanding on how to make the best printers today! Although a lot has changed over the years, Xerox is still today a pioneering producer of Office business machines, Office printers and office photocopiers as we now know them. This is the reason we have full trust in Xerox to make the best office photocopiers & printers today!

History of Xerox

Chester Carlson first invented what became known as the Xerographic process back in 1938 and over the years this process was simplified and improved until the revolutionary Xerox Model A was launched in Rochester, New York.

Some years later, with the launch of the Xerox 914 which, although it was a large and fairly basic machine, it did allow the user to put an original document on a sheet of glass, press a button and watch up to 8 copies a minute being produced on normal cut sheets of paper.

The Xerox 419 was very easy to use and it had extremely low running costs. It was available to any business on a monthly rental of only $25 a month and each black & white copy cost around 4 cents, making it far more competitively priced than its competitors. This was the very first time customers had been charged a cost per copy (or ​​PagePack agreement) which included all their printer consumables and on site repairs for an agreed fixed cost per page.

Today all Xerox business machines come with a very competitive Page pack agreement, with the cost of printing an A4/ A4R/ A3 or SRA3 colour document from as little as 3p! Beat That!

​Click here​ to watch the video of the Xerox 914 in action!

In 1975, Xerox advertised the Xerox 9200 Duplicating system on TV during the Super Bowl intervals. It was originally designed to be sold to print shops, to increase their printing productivity as it produced an incredible 120 copies a minute.

Current day

Today, Xerox offers the widest range of printers and copiers on the market. With the Nuvera 314 system being able to produce a staggering 314 pages a minute in Black & White.  (Over 5 black & white pages a second!)

If you need to print the very best quality colour documents quickly, then the Xerox Brenva HD Production Inkjet digital presses are unbeatable as they can produce 182 pages a minute in full colour. No other manufacturer offers such a wide range of colour printing systems.  

The current range of Xerox ColorQube printers and Multi-Function Copier- Printer- Scanners are unique too, as they allow customers to produce basic colour documents at the same cost as normal Black & white documents. The unique Xerox ColourQube machines can therefore help customers to reduce their print costs by up to 90%.

Does your current photocopier supplier let you do this? I don’t think so!

Experience therefore, is just one reason why I believe Xerox continue to make the best copiers and printers in the world. Xerox products such as the competitively priced Xerox ColourQube 8880 printer or the award winning Xerox Versant 80 are better built, offer better value for money and are an asset for any business large or small.

If you are searching for value for money, ongoing reliability, and stunning high definition print quality, we can deliver all of these important factors with confidence, as both Document XL and Xerox have the experience needed to support your organisation whether you’re located in Leeds or Leicester, Rochdale or Rochester, we can support your company throughout the UK, across Europe and indeed throughout the world.

To see how we can help you and your business, then give us a call on 08456 448 600 or visit us here!


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