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We Can Save You Money On Office Printing & Copying

04 Jan 2016
We Can Save You Money On Office Printing & Copying

Why do 96% of UK companies chose to invest in more expensive Business Machines, rather than Copiers and Printers with a much lower price tag?

The answer is straight forward.

It’s all about the “Total Cost of Ownership”

How many differences did you spot between these two images?

Well, the answer is ONE……………………..The only difference is the actual cost of printing both images.

When the left hand A4 image is printed on any Commercial Business machine, any make, any model, from any Manufacturer, the service charge for printing the image is anywhere between 3.50 – 9.00 pence.

Compare this to the cost of printing the right hand A4 image on a Xerox ColourQube Business machine where the service charge for printing the very same image is only half a penny!

Even more shocking to discover is when you print the same image in A3, then the savings to be secured on a Xerox ColourQube printer are STAGGERING! (as most other A3 Commercial Business machines charge you Double to print A3 documents, unlike our Xerox machines which have the same low fixed cost per page for printing on A5/ A4/ A3 & SRA3.)

There are potentially massive savings to be secured and when you start to think about just how many colour documents you and your colleagues print each day, you can soon start to realise that buying the cheapest printer possible is not always the smartest move for your business or your wallet.

Our Team of Print Experts can assess the typical documents produced within your business. We can help you to calculate the Total Printing Costs incurred by your business today and then guide you to more cost effective Printing solutions for tomorrow.

Businesses, on average, tend to spend between 3 – 5% of their Annual Turnover on their documents. This is a lot of money and if you would like help in reducing this overhead, then please get in touch.

Simply call 08456 448 600 or contact us to see how much you can save.


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